How to Use Location Intelligence for Effective Marketing

If you’re not using location intelligence software yet, you’re missing out on a lot of data that could potentially help you concentrate your marketing efforts and drive bigger and better sales. As more users connect with mobile devices equipped with GPS tracking and geospatial data, it’s easier than ever for businesses to tap into consumer information that reveals volumes about purchasing habits, buyer trends, and real-time engagement use. GPS receivers can now determine current times within 100 billionths of a second, making this technology more effective and valuable than ever.


How exactly will location intelligence solutions help you with your marketing efforts? Here are three ways you can turn that data into marketing analytics to optimize your outreach strategies:

  • Site Analysis
    • If you operate stores in multiple physical locations, you want to know how many customers are living around your area, who’s visiting your stores, and where your potential for growth lies — all without having to actually visit the site itself. You might also use location data to plan your next opening, or to identify underperforming regions that might need to get the ax.
  • Advertising
    • Finding locations for promotional advertisements that will hit your target demographic squarely on the bullseye used to be a game of trial and error. With region-specific information about your desired customers‘ living quarters, commuter routes, or favorite hangouts, you can identify those key areas much more quickly and get more bang for your advertising buck.
  • Territory Lines
    • How can you maximize the efficiency of your customer service agents or sales representatives out on the field? Using location intelligence to plot and map high- and low-density consumer areas can help you better define territorial regions for sales and service. Don’t forget to take into account the travel times and buying potentials of the region, too. Not only will this help your customers, it’ll make your representatives happier as well.


With the wealth of information and data available from location intelligence solutions, you’d be doing your company a disservice not to make use of the tools at your fingertips. All you need is the software and the know-how to make use of that information. Don’t work harder, work smarter — use location intelligence to take your marketing efforts to new heights.