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"Our greatest strength is helping our clients solve their business challenges where geolocation is a mission critical component."

- Larry Martin, Gadberry Group President

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Finding the right data is critical to your Location Intelligence Solutions

So is working with the right partner to provide the best services, connections to numerous data sources and the delivery capability to feed your solutions accurately and quickly.

Get the Right Data into Your LI Solutions

Working with Gadberry means your data is cleansed, standardized, normalized and geocoded - leveraging our 20 years of experience in building Location Intelligence data solutions.

Working with Gadberry can cover all your data needs including: 

Critical Business Issues We Help Solve

Enhance Your "Address Certainty" 

  • Improve the quality of your internal address data and geocoding services
  • Provide a uniform standard for address data across your organization
  • Provide a seamless integration of address data with other forms of spatial data
  • Improve the customer experience based on location - matching the right offer with the right time

Empower Analytics and Data Science Initiatives

  • Provide location and geospatial domain expertise and consultation
  • Cleansing address data for AI / Machine Learning applications
  • Faster extractions of data insights and intelligence
  • Quick and accurate accessibility to large, complex data sets

Eliminate Licensing Aggravations and Costs

  • Reduce or eliminate capital expenditures
  • Reduce operational demands on internal staff

Typical Use Cases Include:

Premium Geocoding

Demand Visualization

Service Area Routing

Telco: CAF-II & RDOF

Customer Insights

Implementing a strategy for an enterprise-wide, consistent treatment of address data, i.e., address standardization and geocoding.

Assessing marketing demand by understanding counts of all addresses within a geography or custom polygon. Using coordinate data to visualize where demand exists.

Empowering CRM applications with knowledge of the service area in which an address resides.

Improve your CAFII and RDOF risk/opportunity analysis, intelligent bidding, network planning and asset deployment.

Furthering customer insights with knowledge of the relationship between an address and other geospatial data, such as parcels, neighborhoods, etc.

Find the Right Data for Your Location Intelligence Solutions

Choosing the right data solution partner is very important. There are many considerations beyond the data itself. We have listed below a few considerations we have heard over the years.

These include making sure your data partners:

  • Have a track record of providing exceptional quality data to clients with references to support those claims
  • Source data from multiple commercial data inputs with consistent and reliable supply chain and industry relationships
  • Are accountable for the data produced and maintain a provenance of data over time
  • Has a record of consistent data updates and technical support
  • Are committed to responsible data stewardship and abide by all laws and codes governing data usage including Customer Notice & Choice, Consumer Privacy and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data reforms
  • Have expertise in address standardization, normalization and curation of addresses over time
  • Have expertise in advanced geocoding technology and geo-spatial processes
  • Have the ability and authority to enable you to use the data as needed, including possible distribution to other entities if needed
  • Is able to describe to you the composition of commercial and free or open source data that is used in their data build.

Let's talk about your opportunities and challenges