Seeing Data and Location Through a Different Lens

Unchain your desktop GIS application. Create your data layers in AnySite®, MapInfo® Pro or ArcGIS® and then use Magnify’s cloud publishing capability to see them on your laptop, iPad or other mobile device.

Location Intelligence Software

Magnify is a powerful, easy to use and economical data visualization tool that is designed to address the demands of today’s rapidly changing demographic landscape. It merges current and relevant demographic information with contemporary mapping capabilities. Magnify not only delivers accurate geo-demographic insights for the US and Canada, but also saves you time and money.

Upload Your Data

See your data in action by viewing it on the Map! Easily upload information relevant to your business and gain new perspectives about your customers, not only their location, but also their demographic profiles and spending behaviors – powerful insights to help cultivate and grow your business.

Geocode Large Datasets

Easily geocode up to one million rows of your data with Magnify’s powerful workflow capabilities. Visualize where your customers live in relation to your competitors and take advantage of this viewpoint to select the perfect location for your new store or where to best target your marketing budget.

Create Study Areas

Select the perfect site for your new store, restaurant or business. Upload a list of locations and analyze their demographic surroundings, travel times, distance ratios and other business-critical factors to determine which one best fits your customer profile.

Companion in the Cloud

Magnify is not just a powerful standalone mapping solution, it also serves as the perfect companion product to your existing database solution or desktop GIS software. Magnify’s ability to integrate industry standard file formats into data layers for map visualization can transform your desktop into a mobile solution for remote field work.

Powerful Capabilities

With our Location Intelligence Software’s powerful capabilities, you can quickly create accurate and precise study areas and reports all within a familiar Google Maps environment. And, because Magnify is cloud-based, there are no desktop software components to install or maintain.

User-Friendly Interface

Works with any browser on any device.

Most powerful, easy to use and economical.

90% customer retention.

High-touch customer support at your fingertips.

Edition Add-Ons

With our numerous add-ons, your software becomes even more powerful.

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