Uncovers the Link Between Trade-Area Demographics and Site Potential

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Demographic Reporting

AnySite is the essential decision-support solution for analysts and executives looking to uncover the relationship between trade-area demographics and site potential.

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Essential Decision-Support Solution

AnySite® is the essential decision-support solution for analysts and executives looking to uncover the relationship between trade-area demographics and site potential. Use AnySite to choose optimum locations and analyze current locations based on the most current trade-area demographic reporting characteristics.


AnySite enables intuitive usage of the most detailed proprietary and third-party data sources available in the market. And with the AnySite Segmentation Plug-In utilizing MicroBuildHS® household segmentation data you can develop deep understanding of who your best customers are where they are in your trade areas and use profiles of those best customer segments to attract new customers.

Powerful & Easy To Use Platform

AnySite is easy to use requiring very little knowledge of GIS applications and ideal for non-technical users in commercial real estate retail financial services and economic development. Anyone working with deciding the placement of brick and mortar locations will benefit from AnySite’s robust data mapping and analysis capabilities.

Enhance your business with demographic reporting & presentation quality mapping

Access critical demographic information for site analysis


Generate market analyses quickly and easily for internal or client meetings


Develop detailed understanding of key customer segments across your current and potential trade areas

Take advantage of the best location capabilities

Make better decisions with powerful site selection capabilities


Gain valuable insights to the demographic and competitive landscape


Highlight information with thematic mapping and layer control


Focus marketing based on consumer behavior and lifestyles

Seamlessly integrate location into existing business processes

Make better informed decisions based on visualization of key data and location information

Are you ready for AnySite to help you meet today’s GIS challenges?