Marketing Analytic Services

At the Intersection of Data and Location

We measure while other companies use estimates and surveys to identify your markets and prospects.

Gadberry works with a number of customers to build, measure and improve their direct marketing efforts. From data acquisition for campaigns, to trade area selection to ensure highest response, to response analysis for future campaign decisions, Gadberry works with you to determine the best approach to market to help you acquire and retain the most profitable customers.

Our Marketing Analytic Services include:

Targeted Marketing

Campaign Test Design

Targeted List Selection

Multi-channel Media

List Management

Response & Profitability Modeling

Customer Profiling & Modeling

Current Customer Profile

Product Profiling

Lifecycle Analysis

Data Services

Demographic Customer/Prospect Data Append

Geo-demographic Cluster Append

Longitudinal Database

Data Products

Site Analysis Services

What are your highest performing locations? Why are they the best? How would opening a new location impact the performance of your existing locations? Where are the best places for new locations? For many retailers and restaurant owners these questions are central to daily operations. Gadberry not only helps you answer these questions but also delivers the answers in a system that easily accommodates new data and new answers as your business changes. The solution could be a one-time analysis project that helps you gain insight about your existing locations and trade areas to an on-going engagement for consistently adapting to the changing nature of your markets.

Our site analysis services include:

Existing Site Profiling & Analysis

New Site Analysis

Trade Zone Profiling

Competitive Analysis

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