To paraphrase Mark Twain, tales of AnySite’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.  A new relationship now exists between the company that developed AnySite, Pitney Bowes, and the company that has been acting as product management and is now the exclusive distributor, Little Rock based Gadberry Group.


Gadberry Group has breathed new life into one of the most widely available, versatile and easy to use GIS tools ever created – AnySite.   From cutting code, technical support, and shipping product out the door all aspects of AnySite now will fall under the auspices of this Arkansas company.

Why is this exciting?

One word – OWNERSHIP.  AnySite, which was only a small blip on the radar for Pitney Bowes, is an important new addition to Gadberry’s product suite.  Making sure our AnySite clients have the best client experience possible and see the business value in the software is of utmost importance to everyone at Gadberry.

Gadberry is recognized for the high quality geodemographic data found within AnySite through its MicroBuild product.  Since MicroBuild data is a pivotal part of AnySite, the move from data provider to product owner makes sense for Gadberry.

What does this mean for you, the AnySite user?

First and foremost, stability. AnySite will be around for years to come.  Any company planning its future must have faith that products pivotal to that future will be around for a while.  Gadberry’s selection as master distributor has infused AnySite with new product vitality and longevity.

Second, innovation. Because AnySite is now part of Gadberry’s product suite, AnySite will benefit from Gadberry’s ability to continually look for better ways to add value to their products.  This is already evident as Gadberry has made improvements in support (a new and focused Client Experience Team), software (updated drivetimes, USB install, Windows 10/Server 2012 support) and documentation (consolidated for convenience and available on Gadberry’s online Reference Library).

Third, access. Gadberry will be taking over the operational aspects of AnySite, including shipping and technical support.  This means that for you, the client, Gadberry’s technical support personnel can quickly resolve problems by “walking down the hall” to interact directly with both product and software engineers. This will translate directly into a greater focus on client support and problem resolution.

Fourth, improvement. The continued maintenance of an AnySite user community is of utmost importance to Gadberry.  This includes a number of things, but at the top of the list is a timely delivery of geodemographic data updates and enhancements\bug fixes to the software.  Gadberry’s product team has been working to develop a product roadmap for AnySite that will include several new features that will improve future versions of AnySite.

So what will this blog offer you?  We will be sharing tips, tricks, suggestions, and “off-the-wall” ideas that will make your AnySite investment even more valuable to your business.  So check back on the first Monday of each month, and be sure and let us know how we can make your experience with AnySite even better.