Geo-Perfected Address

It begins with a point on a map – not just any point, but the best point.

Are you struggling with low geocode match rates, inaccurate address points and erratic geocode results? Or do you use an advanced best-in-class national geocode dataset that gives you unparalleled match rates, parcel and street-level address points for both residential and business locations?


At Gadberry Group, we “geo-perfect” our clients’ addresses, giving them the most precise, accurate and consistent geocodes available?

Most companies today integrate geospatial and location intelligence in their business strategies, processes and applications. Geocodes (latitude and longitude coordinates) are not only a key component, but they also form the foundation for all geospatial and location intelligence work. If your geocodes don’t represent the right “where” of your account, customer, asset or competitor’s location, how will you make accurate, informed and effective business decisions?


We apply our advanced understanding of geospatial data science to create a multi-step algorithm to determine the most precise geographic point for each of your addresses. Our geocoding dataset is the most complete and accurate available.


Gadberry Group’s dataset includes virtually all mailable and non-mailable US addresses. With highly precise geocoding and a unique nine-pass process, we cull and combine multiple point-level and street-level datasets to identify the most accurate location information with the most complete coverage. As a result, you get high value, productive and extremely precise geocoded addresses – something we like to call “geo-perfected.”

A Competitive Advantage

  • Understand and Quantify Risk – increase accuracy and reduce loss rations. The improved precision enables you to accurately assess proximity to natural and man-made hazards.
  • Identify Profitable Business Opportunities – our 170+ million record dataset includes unit numbers within multi-unit dwellings and office complexes, as well as deliverable addresses for properties that may not be serviced by the USPS.
  • Reduce Exception Processing – use multiple result codes to quickly see how each point-level geocode was derived.
Amazing Accuracy

  • Unparalleled Matching – reduce time-consuming exception and false positives. With over 170 million records, our dataset provides the most complete coverage of addresses across the US and the highest possible number of matches with source business data.
  • Extreme Precision – Use our advanced and rigorous multi-step algorithm to determine the most precise geographic point for each address. Our algorithm and process are continuously and rigorously reviewed and augmented to always deliver the most precise and accurate geocodes available.
  • Built-in Location Stability – slight changes in geometry can result in huge challenges across your enterprise. We build location stability into the dataset to reduce some of the “noise.” Updates to the dataset is only for substantial changes to location (50 feet or more) and upgrades to the source of the coordinate.
Address Key Business Challenges

  • Underwrite policies more precisely
  • Understand the geography of your customer base
  • Target consumers more effectively
  • Plan your sales territories more accurately
  • Pinpoint risk

Let’s talk about how Gadberry Group’s advanced geospatial and location intelligence geocodes can help you “geo-perfect” your addresses and improve your business decisions.