Gadberry Group’s MicroBuild® Postal edition updated for advanced marketing and customer insight applications – now available with Hispanic detail variables.

Gadberry Group announces the quarterly release of MicroBuild Postal, the leading ZIP+4 geospatial and location intelligence (GLI) data product for advanced marketing analytics and customer insights. In addition to the currency, precision and accuracy that is a hallmark of MicroBuild Postal, clients now have access to even more extensive Hispanic detail variables available at ZIP+4 geographies.

MicroBuild Postal represents a significant improvement over the way GLI data products are typically built. Competitive products often utilize data that is built almost entirely from U.S. Census data, a source that surveys less than three percent of the U.S. population every three to five years and apportions the results throughout the geographic area. Gadberry Group starts with the foundation of a Postal geography – the consumer household – then anonymizes and summarizes the results to the ZIP+4 geography. This gives Gadberry’s clients the most current, accurate and precise household demographics available to help them meet today’s market analytics and consumer insight challenges.


Understanding who customers are and knowing where they are helps marketing and research analysts build models that predict which products and services will perform best across various channels. To do this in today’s rapidly changing world, more and more professionals are using GLI data. And to insure that their models work correctly, Gadberry’s clients look to MicroBuild to help them achieve the desired results.

“At Gadberry Group, we are always looking for ways to make our products even more relevant for our clients,” said Greg Reed, MicroBuild Product Manager. “This release of MicroBuild Postal not only includes fresh data, but it now offers even more Hispanic variables in the dataset, allowing market and location analysts to see even more ethnic details within a postal boundary. The addition of Hispanic detail includes new variables like country of origin, language, assimilation and more.”

Capturing change is a central theme in every MicroBuild Postal quarterly update.  As the demographics of the U.S. population change, being able to record and visualize changing information such as new housing builds, income changes and growing ethnic diversity is a central need for analysts in the retail, real estate and geo-location research industries.  Through frequent updates and a build process that begins with raw name and address-level data and advanced geocoding capabilities, MicroBuild Postal is better equipped to capture and assign this change than all other data sets on the market.

“We believe that with the rapidly changing U.S. demographics, our clients must be able to see this change and adjust their business accordingly,” said Reed. “With MicroBuild, we provide insight into these changes much sooner and more accurately than any other offering.”


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Gadberry Group combines over 25 years of geospatial data science expertise to provide geospatial and location intelligence (GLI) data products and services for clients who demand the most current, accurate, precise and actionable GLI solutions for their market and location analysis and research.  Headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas, Gadberry Group is recognized for industry-leading expertise for combining sophisticated data development, software development and professional services to help clients solve their complex GLI business problems. Gadberry Group’s geospatial location intelligence dataset, MicroBuild®, is protected under U.S. Patents No. 8,341,010 and 8,428,999.

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