Current. Accurate. Precise.

MicroBuild Postal begs the question, “If you are using geo-demographics for marketing analytics, how do you not use a product that is built from consumer name and address information?”

MicroBuild Postal

What is the demographic profile of my customer? Where can I find pockets of similar customers? Is my data giving me an accurate view of my market to begin with? Other companies use out-of-date and unrelated Census Block Group data to build their Postal products. We use up-to-date consumer information, coupled with our extensive data science expertise to deliver location intelligence solutions for over 85% of all US households.

Consumer Household

MicroBuild Postal measures, not models, consumer household populations. We apply our proven multi-layer, multi-sourced consumer name and address-based methodology to anonymize and normalize the results to Postal geographies.


MicroBuild uses premium address and household level data sources and state-of-the-art geocoding technology to produce the most accurate view of population density and distribution.


MicroBuild measures and demonstrates micro-level change that is not visible with Census-based products. MicroBuild is built annually to identify changes that the U.S. Census can’t.

Postal Geography

MicroBuild Postal is available for US Postal ZIP+4 geographies.

Accurate & Precise

Understanding who your customers are and knowing where they are helps you determine exactly which of your products and services will perform best across various channels. To do this in today’s rapidly changing world, you need to include location intelligence in your marketing efforts. And, most importantly, you need to know that the location data you use is current, accurate and precise, even at micro-level geographies.

Available Add-Ons

Household Demographic (HD) attributes by geography

Household Segmentation (HS) clusters by geography

Household Ethnicity (HE) attributes by geography

Are you ready to see what a real geo-demographic Postal product can do for you?