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MicroBuild Multi-Unit Property uncovers what has been obscured by Census’ broad data strokes.

MicroBuild Multi-Unit Property

What do Census-based Block Group demographic estimates tell you about an apartment complex? In many cases, nothing. MicroBuild Multi-Unit Property is the first comprehensive product that identifies and describes the demographic characterizes of apartments, condos, mobile home parks and even marinas. Being able to recognize these populations will give you a key market advantage for both sales forecasting and market analysis.

Consumer Household

MicroBuild Multi-Unit Property measures, not models, consumer household populations and then applies our proven multi-layer, multi-sourced consumer name and address based methodology to anonymize and normalize the results to Postal geographies.


MicroBuild uses premium address and household level data sources and state-of-the-art geocoding technology to produce the most accurate view of population density and distribution.


MicroBuild measures and demonstrates micro-level change that is not visible with Census-based products. MicroBuild is built annually to identify changes that the U.S. Census can’t.

Postal Geography

MicroBuild Multi-Unit Property is available for US Postal ZIP+4 geographies.

A Comprehensive Multi-Unit Solution

MicroBuild Multi-Unit Property is the first comprehensive product that accurately identifies and describes multiple housing units for residential inhabitants that are contained within one building, several buildings within one complex or a group of housing units that are identifiable and managed as a multi-family unit.

Available Add-Ons

Household Demographic (HD) attributes by geography

Household Segmentation (HS) clusters by geography

Household Ethnicity (HE) attributes by geography

Are you ready to see multi-unit complexes more clearly?