Current. Accurate. Precise.

MicroBuild Census does what other Census-based offering only try to do.

MicroBuild Census

MicroBuild Census is the most accurate, geo-perfected Census Block and Block Group data available. MicroBuild Census gives you current, accurate and precise market population counts, demographics, ethnicity and segmentation.  And because MicroBuild Census is change-aware, you will be able to quickly recognize real market changes within your trade areas.

Patented Micro-level Methodology

MicroBuild measures, not models, populations at the micro-level (household) using a patented multi-layer, multi-sourced consumer name and address based methodology, then anonymizes and normalizes the results to macro-level geographies.


MicroBuild uses premium address and household level data sources and state-of-the-art geocoding technology to produce the most accurate view of population density and distribution within a geography.


MicroBuild measures and demonstrates micro-level change that is not visible with Census-based products. MicroBuild is built annually to identify changes that the U.S. Census can’t.

Census Geographies

MicroBuild Census is available for Census Block and Census Block Group geographies.

Extensive Coverage & Consistency

Researchers and analysts typically use one of two sources of outside data in their location analysis efforts: Census-Based Demographic Variable Products or Compiled Market Files. MicroBuild Census delivers the best of both – extensive coverage built from the consumer name and address, and consistency over time to capture change and trends as they occur.

Available Add-Ons

Household Demographic (HD) attributes by geography

Household Segmentation (HS) clusters by geography

Household Ethnicity (HE) attributes by geography

Are you ready to let MicroBuild Census show you what you’ve been missing?