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MicroBuild is built with an entirely different methodology – with good reason!


Not your typical Census-based demographic product. Instead, it gives you the means to overcome the limitations inherent with Census and survey-based databases.


With MicroBuild, we’ve developed a patented process that takes current-year, household-level demographic data points and roll them up anonymously into Census Block or Block Group, and Postal geographies. MicroBuild uses Census and postal data to fact-check and normalize the household and population counts. The end result: a dataset with current year demographics that cover an average of 85% of all U.S. households. MicroBuild is as close as you can get to a comprehensive decennial Census – every year!

We think the U.S. Census Bureau says it best…

“Where characteristics such as age, income, length of residence, or ethnicity are involved, private sector products built from consumer household databases might be preferred as a means to target individual block groups or individual households. The effects of these difference may be the largest for the small area data that are common to business applications.”


U.S. Census Bureau, A Compass for Understanding and Using American Community Survey Data: What the Business Community Needs to Know. U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington DC, 2008, p2.

Patented Micro-level Methodology

MicroBuild measures, not models, populations at the micro-level (household level) using a patented multi-layer, multi-sourced consumer name and address based methodology, then anonymizes and normalizes the results to macro-level geographies.


MicroBuild uses premium address and household level data sources and state-of-the-art geocoding technology to produce the most accurate view of population density and distribution within a geography.


MicroBuild measures and demonstrates micro-level change that is not visible with Census-based products. MicroBuild is built annually to identify changes that the U.S. Census can’t.

Census & Postal Geographies

MicroBuild’s family of products are available for Census Block, Census Block Group and US Postal ZIP+4 geographies.

MicroBuild Product Family

MicroBuild Census

A comprehensive household-based population database that is normalized to trend with Census-based Block and Block Group estimates.

MicroBuild Postal

A comprehensive Postal database containing geo-demographic information for over 131 million USPS ZIP+4 commercial and residential addresses.

MicroBuild Multi-Unit Property

A comprehensive database of over 1 million U.S. high-density, multi-dwelling complexes, including apartments, condos, mobile home parks and marinas.

Available Add-Ons

Household Demographic (HD) attributes by geography

Household Segmentation (HS) clusters by geography

Household Ethnicity (HE) attributes by geography

Are you ready to see what MicroBuild can do for you?