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"What makes Gadberry so special is their address expertise and professional services."

- Dan Troup, RE/MAX

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Structure Level Geocoding Services - Far More Precise than Traditional

Traditional geocoding services are helpful, but 'close enough' - is no longer good enough. With Gadberry's SRF data you have a much more powerful tool for making decisions based on accurate and precise location intelligence. 

Street / Parcel

caf ii data


caf ii data

Being able to know that a geocode is precise at the structure level helps you:

  • Plan deployment of services and assets - network planning, technician routing
  • Budget for capital investments with higher confidence
  • Understand your market and ability to retain and attract customers
  • Improve your risk/opportunity analysis for serviceable locations

Gadberry was critical in helping acquire, assemble, & interpret location data in support for our CAF initiatives.

Brad Brannon

Windstream Communications

Gadberry’s Magnify API Platform

From quick verification to highly customized data-ingestion routines, the key to your success is keeping your location data as updated and precise as possible. 

Address Hygiene & Recognition

This process is highly secure and very fast. It is also mission-critical to keeping your location intelligence accurate and precise. Gadberry's proprietary tools and geospatial domain expertise give you the knowledge and lift needed to achieve more with your data. 

Correspondence Data

Gadberry enriches your data with relevant additional data elements based on your use case, easily connected and added to your dataset via Gadberry's SRF-Key and neatly injected into your internal ecosystems. Ask a question - get an answer. What school boundaries are these addresses in? What is the property value of each address?

Geocoding Services

It sounds simple, but there are nuanced complexities of leveraging the best combination of contributor data sets (parcel points, streets, etc.) to provide the optimal percentage of geocoded addresses while minimizing false positive results. Magnify API leverages Gadberry's comprehensive universe of US addresses, providing your organization with premium geocodes, beginning at the structure level. Utilizing our API also eliminates the need for time consuming data downloads and ingestion into your application environment. 

Extensive Real-Time Services

Gadberry's Magnify API platform reduces time-to-market for your solution and lowers the barrier to entry for spatial querying for your organization. Data bundles from Gadberry can be integrated into your solution or customers can bring their own data to be ingested by the API. 

Gadberry Group's data philosophy

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