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"Gadberry was critical in helping acquire, assemble, & interpret location data in support for our Connect America Fund initiatives."

- Brad Brannon, Windstream Communications

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Connect America Fund (CAF II) and Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF)

We can help you determine - Where are the serviceable locations? 

We provide the foundational Address and Property location data to help you achieve your risk / opportunity analysis and bid intelligently.

Use Gadberry Location Data For:

Auction Prep

Bid Smart

  • Data to feed reverse auction prep and analysis
  • Locate High Value, target blocks
  • Build out your GIS capabilities

Validate Awarded Areas

Make a final determination on the number of locations

  • Build Risk of Sensitivity models based on address location confidence and geo-precision
  • Take a "haircut" where you need to and be confident that you are maximizing support while mitigating risk

Network Design, Prioritization, Operations

Precise address standardization, attribution and geocoding

  • Network planning & engineering, network expansion
  • Build-out prioritization - plan ahead to strategically serve your areas
  • Customer service qualification via website and CRM channels
  • Optional Correspondences to Prop Models, Service Areas, CAF Blocks, ILEC CLEC Boundaries - made possible and better by very accurate household data

HUBB Submission

USAC HUBB Reporting Requirements

  • Limited re-distribution of data (submission of addresses and coordinates to HUBB)
  • Accuracy of coordinates
  • Persistent ID and internal record keeping

Being able to know that a geocode is precise at the structure level helps you:

  • Plan deployment of services and assets - network planning, technician routing
  • Budget for capital investments with higher confidence
  • Understand your market and ability to retain and attract customers
  • Improve your risk/opportunity analysis for serviceable locations

With friends, clients, partners...

We are solving the Broadband Mapping digital divide


Learn more about how Gadberry Data can help you with your Telecom and RDOF Initiatives, including setting up a data trial:

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