AnySite: Battle-Tested and Rock-Solid

Many of you may remember that before the HMMWV (“humvee”) or the F-117 Nighthawk (Stealth Fighter), the US and its allies had a powerful and rock-solid tool in its arsenal – the M4 “Sherman” tank. With its introduction during WWII, the Sherman tank became perhaps the most widely used and best-known tank deployed by the US and its allies. Even today, it remains a reliable, low-cost and easy to produce addition to many countries’ arsenals.

You might be asking, “So what’s the connection between a Sherman tank and Gadberry Group?”

Just as the Sherman tank became a well-established, mature and battle-tested tool that continues in service today, many of our clients have in their GIS toolbox one of the most rock-solid, user-tested, feature-rich and reliable GIS applications ever created – AnySite.

Since its initial release over 20 years ago, AnySite has been delivering high-value project analysis, comprehensive planning reports and repeatable site selection results for our clients. And with each new release, AnySite has developed an extensive list of features and many add-on companion software applications and datasets.

Most in the AnySite community incorporate at least one add-on to their software. However, do you know that there are more than 20 dataset and companion software add-ons that are available? AnySite users have found these to be invaluable in their project analysis, geospatial and demographic assessments, site selection, mapping, visualization and reporting.

Here is a brief list of some of the most requested AnySite software and data add-ons.

MapInfo Professional
(US and Canada)
Comprehensive GIS desktop mapping solution that lets you manipulate, visualized and make more informed location decisions.
(US and Canada)
Cascading standardization and match logic that gives you the best results available. CASS-certified for both real-time and batch.
(US and Canada)
Cloud-based AnySite companion software designed to “unchain your desktop.” Traffic and other datasets are readily available.
Business Summary
Comprehensive dataset of business establishments, employment, occupation, payroll and retail sales for almost 14 million businesses.
Business Points
(US and Canada)
Consists of unique geographic point-of-business locations for approximately 14 million businesses. Updated quarterly.
Consumer Expenditures
(US and Canada)
Consumer spending patterns for a wide range of items, including food, alcohol, tobacco, clothing, footwear, household and more.
Demand Insight
(US and Canada)
Current estimates and five-year projections of branch-based demand for twenty consumer and small business banking products.
MRI Consumer Insights
Consumer behavior insights from GfK’s Survey of the American Consumer®, generating the largest and most current consumer database.
Neighborhood Boundaries
(US and Canada)
Covers approximately 100,000 neighborhoods in over 925 metros. Neighborhoods named as recognized by local residents.
Classifies US consumer households into 70 distinct clusters and 21 groups. Built from Acxiom’s Personicx® segmentation data.
PSYTE Demographic
Classifies Canada’s postal codes and Dissemination Areas into distinct lifestyle groups and mutually exclusive neighborhood types.
PSYTE Financial
Classifies Canada’s neighborhoods into distinct types or clusters based on the residents’ financial characteristics and behaviors.


If you are already using any of these add-ons – congratulations! You’re already seeing the added value they bring to your AnySite license. If you’re not familiar with the various add-ons, or would like to learn more about how they are used, stay tuned to our AnySite blog. In the coming months, we’ll be talking about how with AnySite, you can:

  • Use best-in-class geocoding to lay the foundation for geospatial and location analysis.
  • Develop custom reports that make complex analysis consumable by both GIS and non-GIS professionals.
  • Create current and precise market penetration studies based on occupied residential and business addresses, not hit-or-miss market surveys, secret shopping or incomplete construction permit data.
  • Apply market segmentation data to know who your best customers are and how to find new prospects that represent your customer persona.


So stay tuned and check our BLOG often as we’ll be offering new and in-depth webinars that will help you see how to get even more value with AnySite.

And, if you have colleagues who might also find this information helpful, we would welcome you to share this information with them.

Have a great week!