I have a love for both coffee and licorice. I like my coffee strong and will usually add a couple of shots of espresso to give it a little bit of a kick – maybe even just a touch of honey when feeling adventurous.

As for my favorite candy, it’s black licorice. I’m talking about the good stuff that’s a little bit on the hard side and has a slight bitter after taste. Set me up looking over the ocean on a nice day with a hot cup of amped up coffee and a few pieces of licorice, and I’m in my “butter zone.”

That’s how I see AnySite® and MapInfo® Pro – equally important parts of a well-rounded geodemographic analysis package. The two programs complement each other and I will always recommend both applications when talking to clients looking to do their own geodemographic analysis.

How does combining AnySite and MapInfo Pro make for a better experience?


anysite-excel-reportReporting. AnySite creates detailed reports for radii, drive-times, custom boundaries and more. These reports allow AnySite users to view the data in a simple and readable format, and are easy to create and modify. MapInfo Pro’s approach is much different. In MapInfo Pro, report data is more basic, displayed in simple rows and columns, and no cosmetic additions like titles and column headers.

Data Aggregation and Centroid-weighted Proportioning. While these functions could be considered part of reporting, they are significant enough to highlight them. AnySite reporting, via the AnySite Data Engine, extracts the data for its reports using centroid proportioning. The best MapInfo Pro can do is area proportioning. This proportioning method is pivotal when gathering data for non-standard geographies. Stay tuned for a future blog for more detailed analysis of these two distinct approaches!

Map and Report Production. AnySite has an ability to produce maps and reports for many locations using batch processing. Users can produce maps that show multiple locations, study areas, thematics, and associative data. More importantly you can take the data surrounding a location and compile that information into a single file for analysis outside AnySite. MapInfo Pro does not have batch processing capabilities.

mipro-map-imageMap Quality. MapInfo Pro’s map production features allow users to create truly spectacular maps. This includes labeling rules, layer translucency, and insert-map output. AnySite mapping is “good enough” to allow a user to visualize what is happening, and in most cases suits the needs of the typical AnySite user. However, when users need to create “publication quality” maps, MapInfo Pro is the better tool. What is really great is that you can save a map in AnySite to a workspace and then open the map in MapInfo Pro to take advantage of the its mapping features.

Data Creation. There are times that users need to create data for use in either MapInfo Pro or AnySite. Flat out, MapInfo Pro is the better tool for this task. While AnySite has some map data creation ability, MapInfo Pro’s powerful SQL abilities allow users to really dig into the data and create new data tables for use in both MapInfo Pro and AnySite.

So where does the coffee and licorice come in?


OK, I know that the coffee and licorice analogy might not work for everybody, but think of it this way. The power and strength of good ol’ black coffee satisfies a lot of people’s appetites. That’s AnySite.

For me, licorice is great right out of the box and totally satisfies my sweet tooth – which I need it to do. That’s MapInfo Pro.

Many coffee drinkers will add something to coffee to get the most out of their coffee experience (cream, sugar, espresso, flavorings). When I include a bit of licorice with my cup of coffee, the combination of the two makes the entire experience even more satisfying.

Of course, you may have your own great flavor combination example in mind – PB&J, bagels and lox, Oreos and milk, tea and lemon. In my experience, using both AnySite and MapInfo Pro in tandem will definitely enhance your geolocation analysis experience and give you improved results.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can get the most out of your AnySite or MapInfo Pro license, click here (or the LEARN MORE button just below) and let us know. We’ll be glad to visit with you and offer additional insights about how these two products can work together – just like coffee and licorice.


Now, where’s the nearest barista!