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Why Location Data Is Important

Addresses change all the time, and even a minor change or variance (e.g., “123 N. Main St.” vs. “123 North Main Street”) can cause incorrect or incomplete data to roll through all of your applications. This makes it hard for your team to make the right decision in marketing, planning, and other applications. When you need to use millions of records to accurately understand the characteristics of a property, at scale, over time, and constant updated, trust Gadberry Group to power your decisions.

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We have the solutions for your location intelligence data challenges

Enhance your Address Certainty

Improve the quality of your address data across your organization and establish a standard for how accurate and precise address data flows into your applications.

Generate More Leads

Match the right offer to the right customer at the right time. Gadberry’s location data, delivered through your applications, can help you determine the “next best offer” to make to your customer and prospect base. 

Power Your Applications

Gadberry makes completed, cleansed, standardized, normalized, and geocoded data readily available to your applications for marketing, operations, customer service, and network planning. 

Delivering Great Data Solutions for Over 20 Years

Our track record of success is built on taking data assets and:

  • Delivering great data solutions, correcting and enhancing millions of records to give our clients the most accurate data possible, especially address and location data.
  • Executing seamlessly on our delivery, support and maintenance programs every update cycle. Data changes constantly, we’ll keep your applications updated.

When Precision & Accuracy Matter,
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Our Unique Value = Custom Data Solutions for You

We excel in building data solutions that solve mission-critical challenges for a wide variety of businesses.

With the combined power of RE/MAX, Seventy3, and Gadberry Group, we are capable of delivering comprehensive data that is current and actionable.

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Is Your Data Change-Aware?

Without accurate, precise and constantly updated data, your decisions will be flawed. We’ll help you deliver the right location intelligence and the right moment, enabling your organization to make great decisions.  

Serving Great Clients for Over 20 Years

" Gadberry was critical in helping acquire, assemble, & interpret location data in support for our Connect America Fund initiatives."

Brad Brannon

Windstream Communications


" What makes Gadberry so special is their address expertise and professional services."

Dan Troup 



" Happy 20 Year Anniversary Gadberry Group! Thank you for 15 years of great service and partnership!"

Alex Oliphant



Gadberry Group is a part of  g73, a data organization within the RE/MAX family of brands

We are a data solutions provider serving companies with critical location intelligence data needs.

We specialize in delivering accurate, comprehensive, and precise location data about properties of all types. We help our clients identify high-quality leads so that they can invest in delivering relevant services and solutions to prospective customers. Our clients also leverage our data to evaluate and plan for expansion and growth.

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