Our location intelligence data represents the most accurate view of population density and distribution available today. Using state-of-the-art geocoding, premium address and household level data, we create geo-perfected solutions that give you the most current, accurate and precise location intelligence data possible.


Is your data lying to you? Is it telling you the real story of what’s happening in your market area? Because we measure population changes instead of relying on Census-based estimates and surveys, our location data is “change-aware,” giving you an accurate view of market changes that Census estimates and surveys just can’t.

Geospatial Data Science

Our geospatial data science and marketing analytic services will propel your company to higher levels of productivity. From location intelligence data and software solutions to customer profiling, we build solutions that grow with you as your business changes.

Location Intelligence Solutions

Gadberry creates powerful, easy to use and cost effective location intelligence solutions that are geo-perfected and change-aware, giving you the precision and accuracy that today’s business challenges demand.


With Gadberry’s suite of location intelligence products, you can better understand your trade areas so that you know who your best customers are and where to find more of them.

“MicroBuild block level demographics have been integral to many of our deliverables to our customers.  Gadberry’s ability to enhance our data with additional custom variables, and willingness to provide detailed release notes with every new version has kept us more than satisfied for over 5 years.  We feel that Gadberry is our partner rather than a data vendor, and have not considered another competitor since starting our relationship.”

Erika Meyer Judd, Director of Analytics, 84.51

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